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Parenting Power Flow Model

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Parents know Power Struggles. The whining, the resistance, the arguments, the back talk, ignoring and outright refusal that makes parenting maddening is all too familiar, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could give you the Parenting "Easy Button" and you could get rid of Power Struggles altogether?

Parenting "Easy Button"Easy Parenting Button Now we’re talking!

Well, guess what? That is not possible. Why? Power Struggles are the Parenting! You can never be without them, yet by studying them you can experience them as a powerful tool instead of a crushing weight.

Instead of imagining that “Easy Button,” picture a simple piano. You need to know the technical parts first and then, with some focused, guided practice you can plunk out a song.

Now, you don’t have to become a concert pianist, but learning to play Row, Row, Row Your Boat would be nice! That is how you can imagine our program. We focus on three concepts as they relate to Power Struggles:

  • Reveal
  • Reduce
  • Resolve

Why are these concepts important?

Reveal - When you understand the reasoning behind each Power Struggle is a natural design and part of the Parenting Process instead of your child’s latest attempt to get on your last nerve, you can stop getting mad at them for challenging you, again. This information is a revelation to most parents!

Reduce – The number, intensity and duration of the Power Struggles in your family may be overwhelming and exhausting, or not. Either way they can be reduced on all counts by learning simple, logical skills that can make changes right away! The Communication Gears are a central part of this concept (hint: you are causing too many!) When you are fresh and calm, the Parenting Moments are easier to take on, right?

Resolve – Once you know where Power Struggles come from and how to stop causing them, you need a plan! We cover, in practical detail, just what you need to make a Parent Plan you can count on. If you’ve tried charts, rewards, punishment, threats, and behavior systems already with mixed results, trust us, this is not that! There is a critical element missing from most traditional behavior systems that make them less effective over time. Once you learn the A + B = C system, you will see that it gets MORE effective over time! Your Parenting stops focusing on responding to misbehavior and allows you to give your child a way to choose what works for them (& you!) consistently.

To read more on Revealing Power Struggles and start studying them right now, we’ve included a link at the top of this page from our Parent Coaching Program.  You may enjoy the insights into your child's mind and perspective!  So go ahead... check it out!

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