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I was amazed at how you were able to have my child sleep in their own bed after ONE conversation!
Parent of 1 Yr Old
A stranger at a restaurant complimented us on how wonderful it was to see our parenting style and approach with handling our son. We are so proud and grateful to have met you!
Parent of 5 Yr Old
Since I took your class a year ago, I have used everything with great results. It is like magic to be around my son, when he needs to be reminded of the parts he just gets it. You rock!
Parent of 8 Yr Old
Thanks for your many powerful solutions to power struggles. I found the Suggest, Request, Demand, Command tool to be compelling. I will implement in class.
Teacher at Jupiter Academy
3rd Grade
When you said that I had to make it clear that it was not my job to make them happy, it just clicked. I have been doing that all along and now I’m paying for it! No more, thanks to your practical program and useful advice.
Parent of 17 Yr Old
I didn't think it would work when Dawn coached my son that he could not make Demands. It was tough that first weekend, but since then he has been Requesting all the way! I love it!
Parent of 6 Yr old
Hearing how power flows with my triplets & me made me realize that when I react to each of them individually, instead of as a group, my results go up and my stress drops a lot!
Parent of 5 Yr Old Triplets
I think you could easily become the Zig Ziglar / Brian Tracey / Deepak Chopra / Dr. Phil / Wayne Dyer of the parenting world!
Parent of 8 & 10 Yr Old

Official Parenting Handbook

“In 33 years as an educator, this is the first time I have seen such consistent results within a school community. These techniques have the potential of putting your children on the right path for the rest of their lives.”
Judy Dempsey, M.S.ED., Principal of Summit Questa Montessori School
“Without these techniques I would still be getting angry at my daughters for each little thing; I shudder to think where that would lead!  Having a plan makes parenting a blip in our day, then back to what matters.”
Ginger Setser, Working mom of 2,
“Dawn takes the suffering out of Parenting! As a Therapist, it’s thrilling to see a program show parents ways to give a priceless gift of a well adjusted partner to their future spouse. Every relationship is touched. Phenomenal!”
Judith A Heidrich, MS,LMHC, CHt in Private Practice, Ft. Lauderdale FL
“With so much advice to sift through as a parent wanting more for your family, finally, a breakthrough in thought that is simple enough to do, yet still addresses my most maddening behavior challenges!”
Jennifer Safina, Co-Parent to One, Owner
"Dawn presents a lifetime of knowledge for parents in a 45 minute read."
Yvonne Haase, LMHC, CHT,
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