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Tell us about your background.

My formal education and training has primarily been human development and as an Educator. I have a B.A. in Elementary Education in spending a decade in the classroom with elementary students. That is really too narrow a focus to get an idea of my experiences with families. I was employed by private families and child care centers as a young woman and undergraduate for the decade before I joined the Broward Country School System. I have also provided training, and management for teachers as well as tutored students from elementary through High School level.

What other training do you have?

One unique aspect of my background is that in the years since I became a parent, I have gathered experiences of a different focus. I have built my own Organizing Consulting business, Get Squared Away, Inc. into a successful enterprise. Working with people, at home and at work, created clarity in a practical way that was always, for me, about enriching the family interactions through the organizing process.

By continually engaging in training and development through organizations like BNI (Business Networking International) and Referral Institute courses, I have become a knowledgeable entrepreneur with a rich, diverse network of referral partners that are a critical resource in all that I do.

My self development interests have also served me well by offering a new perspective and an empowered context to encourage my passions. The teachings of Spiritual Centers, Tony Robbins courses and extensive programs through Landmark Education have given me the tools and the belief I needed to have the life of my design.

What about your family?

I have the continual love and support of my partner and best friend, my husband Daniel. We met in 1996 and married in 1999! He helps me parent our 6 year old son, Aston with great success. Aston is a thoughtful, insightful person who intrigues us and teaches us something everyday. We are blessed to have been chosen by him! We cannot say our family is complete just yet, but time will tell. Aston attends an amazing Montessori school that has given him an amazing start on his learning journey. For that we are so grateful. We live happily in South Florida with our cat Fiddle, occasionally taking RV trips locally and out of state.

What is Your Philosophy?

The cost to society is 2.4 trillion dollars for mis-parented children over their lifetime, as cited by Dr. Jack Westman in his 1994 book Licensing Parents: Can We Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect?. By raising the standard on raising children, every aspect of life will be impacted. This is what we do. This is our contribution to the world. We all have licenses for different jobs and activities. They prove that we have the skills and competencies to do a job.

Even though it is the most important job we’ll ever do, we are all parenting without a license. You may not need one, but we all know parents that are struggling and could benefit from being licensed to parent.

We can look around our communities and see what adult skills are missing right now. I call them coping skills. I am concerned by the lack of personal responsibility, sense of entitlement and absence of gratefulness. We then go back and, in effect, reverse engineer the next generation by training families how to instill this in the children of today.

Do you have a long-term vision?

Certainly! As Americans we love our freedom of choice, so any restrictive, judgmental licensing program would not fit our culture. At Licensed 2 Parent, we offer parents the opportunity to learn what it takes to become the family you choose to be.

By studying our material, demonstrating skills and acing our test, you can become Licensed by us!

Your immediate results are profound whether you participate in live events, arrange personal coaching or learn through programs, books or recorded material.

Within 3-5 years we intend to prove that Licensed Families create extraordinary families. Then we will create special programs, incentives and rewards available exclusively to Licensed families. By creating a valuable program that gets results, we offer people benefits for completing the parenting licensing process.

What is Licensed2Parent's Mission?

Informing and engaging new, seasoned and considering parents to build extraordinary families.

How is that done?

We create conversations that teach you about Power Struggles. When you can recognize, reduce and resolve power struggles, they become opportunities to coach your child to practice life skills.

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